This Demo is to highlight the voiceover profiles, the changes to layout and the shortlist function.

I’ve made notes below regarding the changes and highlighted specific changes to the layout.  The page menu buttons are disabled, along with the news and Twitter stream, but these will of course be restored on the final version.


Overall layout

New background, new menus layouts, fonts match SMVoices



I’ve updated the email form to show your preferred terms rather than ‘friend’ and ‘remarks’ – tested and it works fine.



I’ve put the page menu on the side as per the existing site and included 2 separate buttons for ‘voice’ and ‘shortlist’ – all works well on mobile.


Voice Pages

This is the biggest overhaul – I’ve created a detailed menu system as a sidebar set to show the corresponding results for selected voice criteria.  The VOs are still displayed as 4 column, but with the menu in place they are a size that is more pleasing to the eye.

The menu expands as necessary to show available options and keeps your selection locally using cookies, so as you browse the voices when you go back to the menu it is how you left it.

So long as the tags are assigned correctly on the profiles the VOs will automatically appear in the correct sections.

Changed ‘Details’ to Hear More.  Minor changes to sizing to be more visually pleasing.


Voiceover profiles

Updated the layouts with changes to text sizes as requested.
Profile title is now inside the box. Email agent is now under shortlist button.
Now includes a back to voices link to take visitors back to the voices page.